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Council Leadership

GSGST Board of Directors

Our volunteer board of director’s guides the Girl Scout movement here in greater south Texas.  With the support, vision, and commitment of these role models, girls have the opportunity to find—and become—leaders in their communities and the world.



Board Chair
Carol Rausch

2nd Vice President
Jamie L. Malone

Emma L. McCall

1st Vice President
John Ulbricht

Cecilia Johnson

Members At Large

Danielle M. Alex            Becky Garcia            Jolee R. Perez                           

Stephanie Hesch Aguilar Beatrice Lopez         Priscilla Salinas         

Sharon Almaguer          Allison Marek           Perla M. Ruiz          

Ruthie Ewers                Robert McAllen        Stephanie Sokolosky                     

Yolanda Gonzalez         Lisa M. Oliver           Liza Wisner                  



Board Development Committee

Velinda Reyes

Sally Gavlik

Judge Janet Leal