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The Volunteer Toolkit

The new online Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)!

The VTK will help troop volunteers get what they need – when they need it, without delay (imagine!). Troops will be able to plan out their whole year and have a roster of all troop member information, accessible via computer or mobile device, and tools to facilitate communication between parents and troop leaders. 

The VTK is fully customizable so you can add your own activities and change the order with a quick drag and drop. This will make it easier for leaders to manage their troops, prepare for and lead meetings, and connect with other volunteers.

Initially, the Volunteer Toolkit will include Daisy, Brownie and Junior Girl Scout program content which comes with pre-populated plans for petals, badges and journeys – a full year of Girl Scouts right on your device (computer, smart phone or tablet).

You’ll have access to the VTK through the "My GS" link at the top of the webpage once we go live with CEI.

But, you can take a sneak peek now! 

Check out these 2-minute videos to learn about the toolkit. 

Volunteer Toolkit Part 1      Year plan options.

Volunteer Toolkit Part 2      Setting meeting times and locations.

Volunteer Toolkit Part 3      Meeting plan overview.

Volunteer Toolkit Part 4      Adding activities/events.

Volunteer Toolkit Part 5      Resources search tab.


AND...just because we want to get you excited about are SIX reasons to look forward to using this super cool, new time-saving tool:

  1. It’s Everywhere– as a digital resource volunteers can plan and prepare practically anywhere their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer are! Stuck in the waiting room at the doctor’s office and need to email the troop a quick reminder not to forget their rain boots for Saturday’s creek stomping trip? Pull out your smart phone, click on the My Troop tab, and send out your reminder. 
  2. It's Constantly Evolving: GSUSA is updating content, adding functions and improving this tool based on feedback from the councils and volunteers using this resource. The My Troop tab went live last fall, a parent view was added in October and new badge content was added for Brownies (Computer Expert, Brownie Sense, Outdoor Adventurer) and Juniors (Entertainment Technology, Social Butterfly, Horseback Riding).  As the years go by, more content will be added and features will be upgraded based on input from volunteers across the nation. 
  3. It's Customizable. K-5 Troop leaders can choose from pre-populated (out-of-the-box) year plans from the Year Plan Library or create your own customized plan by dragging and dropping meetings into your customized Year Plan track. All leaders (K-12) can use the "Create  Your Own"  Year Plan to add customer activities, trips, and council activities/events to their Year Plan.
  4. It Tracks Important Things. Through the My Troop and Meeting Plan tabs you can keep track of who is registered to your troop, their meeting attendance and achievements like badges / Journey awards, and their guardian's contact info. You can also track troop income and expenses in the Finance Tab.
  5. It Keeps Parents Informed. Primary caregivers have the ability to view their girls' troop year.  They'll be able to see the Year Plan, Meeting Plan, and Finance Plan, as well as a list of the other members of the troop (no contact info.). For tech savvy parents that means less need to call leaders to ask what's on the packing list for the annual camp out, when the next meeting is, or what the troop spent money on this year. It's a digital Girl Scout planner / calendar that instantly updates at the click of the button.
  6. It's Green. This resources replaces the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting and Journey books as the primary resource for Girl Scout volunteers for badge and journey requirements. While girls can still enjoy having their own copies of the books, volunteers will be able to find the content through this digital resource. Less books to buy, store, and lug around with your troop materials! Let the trees rejoice!