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Troop Leaders

Troop Leaders (12)

These procedures apply to all leaders and volunteers with responsibility for girls and participants at official Girl Scout activities. It is very important that these steps are followed consistently in any emergency situation. NOTE: The following procedures are provided to Girl Scout volunteers on postcard-size cards. Remember to keep your card with you, readily available for quick reference in case of emergency.


  1. Always have someone in the group as the designee to call 911.
  2. Remain calm.
  3. Give priority attention to providing all possible care for the injured.
  4. Secure emergency medical services and law enforcement as appropriate.
  5. Report the emergency immediately by calling GSGST 956-495-6142.
  6. In the event of a serious accident or fatality, always notify law enforcement. Do not leave the scene of the accident until law enforcement arrives. If you must leave, retain a responsible person at the scene. Ensure that the victim and the surroundings are not disturbed until law enforcement has assumed authority.
  7. Record in writing:
    • Conditions existing at time of incident.
    • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of witnesses.
    • Order of events leading up to and following the incident.
    • Any medical attention, opinions, or instructions received from parents.
  8. Submit completed insurance forms and a copy of the above record of the incident to GSGST within four (4) days.
  9. MAKE NO STATEMENTS TO THE MEDIA. Take a message and inform them that someone will return their call. Refer all media inquiries (press, radio, television) to GSGST. If a GSGST staff member is not readily available, then report the media request by calling GSGST 956-495-6142
  10.  Do not discuss the incident, place blame, or accept liability.



Need to say "Thank you!", show your appreciation or just send a congratulations? Certificates are the perfect way to say whatever it is you want to express!


Girl Certificates
Generic Certificates

Investiture & Rededication

PDF Word
2 per page/black & white
full page/black & white
2 per page/black & white
full page/black & white
Girl Scout Daisy Certificates

Girl Scout Daisy Candlelight Investiture

PDF Word
2 per page/black & white
2 per page/color
Watermark, 2 per page/black & white
2 per page/black & white
2 per page/color
Watermark, 2 per page/black & white
Girl Scout Daisy Welcome 2 per page/black & white
2 per page/color
full page/black & white
2 per page/black & white
2 per page/color
full page/black & white
Girl Scout Daisy Hard Work & Dedication 2 per page/color 2 per page/color
Girl Scout Daisy Petal Award 2 per page/color 2 per page/color
Girl Scout Daisy Bridging Award 2 per page/black & white
2 per page/color
2 per page/black & white
2 per page/color
Girl Scout Brownie Certificates
Girl Scout Brownie Investiture & Rededication PDF Word
2 per page/black & white
full page/black & white
full page/black & white
Girl Scout Brownie Folded Program full page color full page color
Girl Scout Brownie Hard Work & Dedication 2 per page/black & white 2 per page/black & white

Girl Scout Brownie Hooray Hard Work & Dedication

2 per page/color
full page/color
2 per page/color
full page/color

Girl Scout Brownie Bridging Award

2 per page/black & white
full page/color
2 per page/black & white
full page/color
Girl Scout Junior Certificates

Girl Scout Junior Investiture & Rededication



2 per page/black & white

full page/black & white

2 per page/black & white
full page/black & white

Girl Scout Junior Hard Work & Dedication

2 per page/color
full page/color
full page folded card/color
2 per page/color
full page/color
full page folded card/color

Girl Scout Junior Bridging Award

Bridge - 2 per page/black & white
Bridge - 2 per page/color 
Patch - 2 per page/color
Patch - full page/color
Bridge - 2 per page/black & white
Bridge - 2 per page/color
Patch - 2 per page/color
Patch - full page/color
Girl Scout Cadette Certificates
Girl Scout Cadette Hard Work & Dedication Folded Card PDF Word
 -- full page/color
Girl Scout Cadette Bridging full page/color full page/color

From sports to camping to candle-making, the Resource Center has all kinds of equipment that you can check out!

There is also a variety of badge, activity, and specialty kits for troops to check out. A badge kit contains most of the materials necessary to complete a particular badge or patch. Specialty or activity kits are not designed to complete an earned award, but contain materials needed for fun activities girls will enjoy doing.


The badge and activity kits are not meant to be completed in one meeting. The purpose of an earned award is for girls to develop a better understanding of the topic and even be able to discuss their opinions on that topic with others. It is very difficult to relay the importance of the information in the kits in one meeting. We suggest spending two to four meetings on a kit. Each kit is different as is every troop, so we can help you determine how long each kit will be needed.  Kits are extremely popular and in great demand. To ensure they are available to as many troops as possible, they are limited to a three-month advance reservation.


Resource Center Reservations

With the exception of library materials, it's best to reserve needed equipment or kits as far in advance as possible. With nearly 1,000 groups using the center, items are not always readily available. Once girls decide which items to borrow, call or come in to reserve immediately.


To reserve equipment, volunteers complete the Equipment Request Form with pick-up date and due date, agreed upon by volunteer and Resource Center staff. Information on the person responsible for the item is also noted. The volunteer, or other designated party, can pick up the reserved item(s) any time during Resource Center hours on the pick up date, and return the item(s) any time during regular center hours on the due date.


To reserve a kit, you also complete an Equipment Request Form or call the Resource Center at phone #5555. Kits/items not picked up within five days of the scheduled pick-up date will be cancelled and made available to others.

The library has books on arts and crafts, outstanding women, multi-cultural holidays, program ideas, Journey Books for all age levels, international and national Girl Scout history, outdoor fun, music, teen-adult relationships, self-help materials, and much, much more. Library materials cannot be reserved -- they are on an as-available basis.


There is no charge for using the library resources, we simply ask that you honor your due/return date and return items on time. Others are always waiting to use them.


Books, videos, and cassettes can be checked out from the Resource Center Library for two weeks at a time. There is a limit of six items per checkout.


A late fee of 10¢ per item, per day will be assessed on all late library items. Persons with overdue materials will receive a letter or e-mail reminder. Library privileges will be revoked until all items have been returned.

The Resource Center has been developed for YOU, the Girl Scout volunteer. It is located at the Harlingen 202 E. Madison Harlingen, Texas 78550. The purpose of the Resource Center is to help make the volunteer's job a little easier. The Resource Center loans items such as flags, ceremony and program supplies, camping and sports equipment, books, song cassettes, badge kits, and more to assist adults in providing Girl Scout program to girls. Qualified consultants staff the Resource Center and are available in person or by phone to assist you.

Resource Center Hours

School Year Hours (September 1-May 31) Summer Hours (June 1-August 31)

Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.

Monday-Wednesday, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Friday, 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Thursday, 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
2nd Saturday each month, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Friday, 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
  2nd Saturday each month, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Saturday Open Dates:
September 14  |  October 12  |  November 9  |  December 14

Earn $10 in Resource Rebates!

Please help us improve the Resource Center by taking a few minutes to complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Your input is vital to the center’s continued growth, improvement and direction! All information is confidential. For additional information or questions, call the Resource Center phone #5555. Thank you for your time and commitment to girls.

Resource Rebates

Resource Center equipment sometimes requires a use fee and/or deposit. A special program called Resource Rebates has been created specifically to make the Resource Center available to all girls and troops, regardless of financial status.

Resource Rebates are paper money awarded to volunteers upon completion of activities that promote building the skills and knowledge needed to operate a Girl Scout troop or group effectively. Volunteers can earn Resource Rebates by attending their service unit meetings, taking training, serving on or attending council committees and/or meetings, planning service projects with your troop, and other ways.

Resource Rebates can be used to pay any use fee charged by the Resource Center including laminating costs, copy expenses, certificates, Resource Center publications, equipment fees, etc. Resource Rebates cannot be used in lieu of deposits, damage fees, or replacement costs.

General Information

Any registered Girl Scout adult may participate in adult learning courses and workshops

It is required that all new troop leaders and co-leaders complete the GSGST Welcome Session and Troop Leadership Essentials before meeting with their girls or parents.

Each troop should have an adult certified in adult/child CPR and American Red Cross First Aid.

Babysitting is not provided at training sessions. Please make arrangements for child care while you are attending training.



Cancellations and Reimbursements

Training may be cancelled if there are insufficient registrations. Fees for cancelled courses are refunded.

Only those registered for a course will be notified of any changes.

Fees for courses which are held but which you do not attend are forfeited. You may provide a registered Girl Scout adult for a replacement, but be sure to notify the Training Registrar before the training.

If you cannot attend a course for which you have paid a fee and you call the Training Registrar 24 hours prior to the course, you will have six months from that date to reschedule and complete the course. After that time, your fee is forfeited.


Registration Steps

  1. Select course you wish to attend
  2. Complete a separate registration form for each course you wish to attend, one person per form, please.
  3. Send completed registration form and fee (when required) to the council office five business days before the date.

When preparing for a Girl Scout activity, always begin with the Safety Activity Checkpoints to see the nationally required standards and guidelines. 

Download Safety Activity Checkpoints or find your activity below:

  1. Archery 
  2. Arts and Crafts 
  3. Backpacking 
  4. Bicycling 
  5. Canoeing 
  6. Caving 
  7. Challenge Courses 
  8. Climbing and Rappelling 
  9. Computer/Online Use 
  10. Cross-Country Skiing 
  11. Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding 
  12. Fencing 
  13. Fishing 
  14. Geocaching 
  15. Girl Scout Cookies/Council-Sponsored Product Sale 
  16. Group Camping 
  17. Hayrides 
  18. Hiking 
  19. Horseback Riding 
  20. Ice Fishing 
  21. Ice Skating 
  22. In-Line Skating and Roller Skating 
  23. Kayaking 
  24. Orienteering 
  25. Other Land Sports 
  26. Outdoor Cooking 
  27. Parades and Other Large Group Gatherings 
  28. Rowboating 
  29. Sailing 
  30. Scuba Diving 
  31. Segway 
  32. Skateboarding 
  33. Sledding, Tobogganing, and Snow Tubing 
  34. Snorkeling 
  35. Snowshoeing 
  36. STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math) 
  37. Surfing 
  38. Swimming 
  39. Theme Parks 
  40. Trip/Travel Camping 
  41. Tubing 
  42. Waterskiing and Wakeboarding 
  43. White-Water Rafting 
  44. Windsurfing 


Activities by CATEGORY:


Water Sports

  1. Canoeing
  2. Fishing 
  3. Ice Fishing
  4. Kayaking 
  5. Rowboating
  6. Sailing 
  7. Scuba Diving 
  8. Snorkeling 
  9. Surfing
  10. Swimming 
  11. Tubing 
  12. Waterskiing and Wakeboarding 
  13. White-Water Rafting 
  14. Windsurfing 


Land Sports

  1. Archery 
  2. Bicycling 
  3. Caving
  4. Challenge Courses 
  5. Climbing and Rappelling 
  6. Cross-Country Skiing 
  7. Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding 
  8. Fencing 
  9. Geocaching 
  10. Horseback Riding 
  11. Ice Skating 
  12. In-Line Skating and Roller Skating 
  13. Other Land Sports
  14. Segway 
  15. Skateboarding 
  16. Sledding, Tobogganing, and Snow Tubing
  17. Snowshoeing 


Camping Activities

  1. Backpacking 
  2. Group Camping 
  3. Hiking 
  4. Orienteering 
  5. Outdoor Cooking 
  6. Trip/Travel Camping


Other Activities

  1. Arts and Crafts
  2. Computer/Online Use 
  3. Girl Scout Cookies/Council-Sponsored Product Sale 
  4. Hayrides 
  5. Parades and Other Large Group Gatherings 
  6. STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math) 
  7. Theme Parks

The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting is a colorful, easy-to-use binder for girls at each program level.  It's includes the handbook and badges, plus a "My Girl Scouts" section for girls to find fun activities and ways to customize their Girl Scout experience.


The book has three main sections:

  1. Girl Scout Handbook to introduce girls to traditions, stories, and uniforms, as well as awards they are eligible to earn at their level
  2. Girl Scout Badges that lists requirements for earning Legacy, Cookie Program, and Financial Literacy badges, with room for girls to insert additional skill-building badge requirements according to their interests
  3. My Girl Scouts with fun resources for bringing their Girl Scout experience to life, and where girls can insert their own records of their Girl Scout experience


Click here to see examples of the progression in

National Proficiency Badges!




gs k-trefoil vol stk blue

Probably the number one tool for volunteers, the Volunteer Essentials handbook provides information about council procedures, standards, policies, and volunteer personnel policies. It also provides general information about grade levels, troop program, risk management, etc. Download a copy or ask for one at the council office. You will have post-it notes all over this one.

Please contact the Volunteer Services Department with questions.

   Volunteer Services Department

   Terry Blevins                                                                        Caroline Roel

   Director of Volunteer Services                                         Volunteer Services Executive

   800-865-3069                                                                       800-477-2688

   361-573-6451                                                                       956-425-2388

   361-579-0988 fax                                                                 956-425-9602 fax

Helping girls decide what they want to do, and coaching them as they earn and manage money to pursue their goals, is an integral part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE). Your Girl Scout group plans and finances its own activities, with your guidance. At the same time, the girls learn many valuable skills that serve them throughout their lives.

Girl Scout groups are funded by a share of money earned through council-sponsored product sale activities (such as Girl Scout cookie activities), group money-earning activities (council-approved, of course), and any dues your group may charge. (This is in addition to the $12 annual membership dues that go to the national organization.) This chapter gives you the ins and outs of establishing a group account and helping girls manage their group’s finances, practice successful product-sales techniques, review the safety requirements around product sales, and understand how to collaborate with sponsors and causes.

  • Chapter 5 Supplement -- Chapter 5 of the Volunteer Essentials supplement outlines the financial procedures that troops/groups should follow to manage girl monies. The supplement covers topics including: establishing bank accounts, managing group funds, group finance report, money earning guidelines and collaborations with sponsors and other organizations.
  • Bank Comparison Booklet -- this booklet provides the services and branches available under the preferred banks to assist in selecting a bank most appropriate for your group.
  • Service Unit Treasurer Position Description -- this document outlines the duties and responsibilities of a volunteer Service Unit Treasurer.
  • Regional Finance Coordinator Position Description -- this document outlines the duties and responsibilities of a volunteer Regional Finance.
  • Troop Money Manager Position Description -- this document outlines the duties and responsibilities of a volunteer Troop Money Manager.
  • Budget Worksheet -- this spreadsheet will assist troops/groups plan expenses for the upcoming year. Troops are encouraged to use this budget form with parents and girls at their first troop/group meeting to plan for the year. Maintaining a working troop/group budget will provide girls an opportunity to use their money management skills.
  • In-kind Donation receipt -- this letter recognizes donations/solicitations less than $250. This letter may be completed as applicable and sent to each donor giving less than $250 directly by the troop/group for the donor’s tax purposes. Solicitations $250 or more must be approved by the council prior to the request to the donor. See the Solicitation Request Form for donations $250 or greater.
  • Troop/Group Finance Report (this Excel spreadsheet will replace the previous manual Troop Finance Report) -- this interactive worksheet will allow the user to enter income and expenses for the troop/group on the appropriate tab. The summary page will be populated based on the information provided for ease of use.
  • Service Unit Finance Report (this Excel spreadsheet will replace the previous manual Service Unit Finance Report) -- this interactive worksheet will allow the user to enter income and expenses for the Service Unit on the appropriate tab. The summary page will be populated based on the information provided for ease of use.
  • Solicitation Request Form and Instructions -- Complete form to provide the necessary information to ensure donations are solicited in keeping with IRS and GSUSA guidelines. The form must be used prior to soliciting donations $250 or greater in value. The completed form may be submitted to your membership executive.
  • FAQs -- This document covers the basics of completing a Background Check form, Solicitation Request form and request a tax-exemption form.


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Girl Scout Mission

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.

Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try: to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law