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Introducing the Becoming Me Program Series

Who am I? Who do I want to become?

Welcome to the Becoming Me program, inspired by former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama’s book  Becoming: Adapted for Young Readers. As a participant in this unique experience, you can explore the truth of your own story and the power of your voice while hanging out with friends! Learn more over at

Becoming Me Monthly Workshops

GSGST Becoming Me series will comprise of virtual meetings where girls will earn three existing badges, carefully woven together as a curated unit to help them explore questions about personal strength and celebrate their own unique voice.

Program Series begins the week of May 18th ,2021.

Click your entering grade level down below to get started on earning your exclusive Becoming Me Program Series badges.

  • Entering Grades K- 1
  • Entering Grades 2-3
  • Entering Grades 4-5
  • Grades 6th -12th

Interested in leading a Becoming Me program for local Girl Scouts? Connect with us today and become a part of this exclusive program! Email us at .

Not in a troop? Email us at or click here and our Membership Team will reach out to you to get you started TODAY!