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Gamma Sigma Girls

What is Gamma Sigma Girls? | Gamma Sigma Girls is a unique leadership development opportunity offered to underserved high school aged girls. Each Gamma Sigma chapter operates as a school sponsored club that engages the girls in advocacy, community service projects, career and college readiness, and other practical skills necessary for success in adulthood.

Why Gamma Sigma Girls? | By offering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls who may not have the opportunity to join Girl Scouts in the traditional troop setting, Gamma Sigma’s sorority-like design makes Girl Scouting cool and the possibility of going to college tangible. Girl Scouts teaches life skills, leadership, and strong core values. Gamma Sigma is a game changer and with the addition of social capital support for each troop, girls will believe anything is possible!

Our goal for Gamma Sigma Girls is that participants will:

• Have the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education

• Advocate for themselves and others

• Feel empowered to make a difference in their community

• Demonstrate an increase in practical life skills


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