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Brownie Robotics Badge 2 Part 2

Tue Dec 01, 6:15 PM - 7:00 PM


This is an online, live event. LabSpace limits the enrollment in this class to 10 to provide an environment where we can interact and share our ideas and projects.

Learn about biomimicry-design influenced by nature- , design a robot bumblebee, and engineer a fun grabber! We’ll be working on the Brownies Robotics Badge 2: Designing Robots. In this workshop we will complete Steps 1 and 2. We'll have another session soon to complete the remaining requirements.
Parents, below is a list of supplies you'll need to collect. You'll want to have your child measure and mark the cardboard for cutting. If you'd like a little materials engineering, have your child cut one piece with the lines of corrugation in the cardboard and one at a right angle to them. Which is stronger? Because cutting and measuring take more time, please do this step before the workshop.

A note, if you're interested in doing badge 3, have your child do a video explaining the projects that she works on after the meeting. Share that video with other scouts and/or send it to LabSpace and we'll start a special YouTube album so other scouts can get ideas from their work:)
Supplies and Prep:
Heavy recycled cardboard - 4 pieces 10 inches by 1.5 inches. Have your child measure and mark. Adults may need to cut.
Sharp Pencil or screw driver for poking holes
4 1.5 inch brads
3 or 4 rubber bands of different sizes
2 paint stirrers or rulers
Duct or making tape
String - about 2 feet