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Junior Mechanical Engineering-Badge 2 Balloon Car

Sat Nov 21, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Program Partner Event:

Live, online class
Tuition: $6

Join us as we work to engineer a balloon powered car! You will complete the requirements for the Junior Mechanical Engineering Badge 2.

Supplies needed:

Wheels - these could be cut from cardboard, lids, CD's
Axels- BBQ Skewers would very well. You'll need 2
Straws- big enough for the skewers to fit through
Balloons - not too big
Body of Car - this could be cardboard or a small soda or juice bottle
Decorating supplies
Extra cardboard

Scholarships are available for financial need, just ask. Troop leaders, we're happy to schedule a workshop just for your troop so they can have a shared experience. Just contact us to schedule.