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Program Partner: NASCAR HALL OF FAME STEM Career Badge | Cadette

Sat May 08, 4:00 PM

Event Cadette STEM Career Badge


 More To STEM than Engineering – NASCAR: Teams, Tracks, and a World of STEM Careers


NASCAR, as a sport, offers many opportunities to participate in STEM careers. From race team (engineers, designers, welders) to track (civic engineers, operations, and security) to media (sound technicians, production team) or NASCAR (inspectors, engineers, R&D technicians); the sport of NASCAR is diverse in STEM in action. During the workshop, girls will explore various careers, the STEM behind the sport, and participate in two activities that allow girls to step into career professionals' roles.

Pre-workshop work will be provided to the Cadettes before the session, and special interviews from working professionals will be the highlight during and after the workshop session.

Date: May 8th @ 5:30
Cost: $10 without kit, $20 with kit

Level: Cadette

Girls will earn two badges: STEM Career Exploration and Eating for You.



  • Registration is required for each scout
  • Select your event date from the drop down menu on left and click the red arrow button
  • Choose either 'registration without kit' or 'registration with kit'
  • 'With kit' indicates you will receive a kit of materials for your scout shipped directly to your address on file

If you do not purchase a kit, a list of materials and supplies required for the workshop session will be emailed to you approx. 2 weeks prior to your event.

Registration is capped at 49 scouts for each event date.
Registration closes 2 weeks prior to workshop date.