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additional program opportunities

Additional Program Opportunities


Barbie & Girl Scouts: I Can Be Anything!

For generations, Barbie has had the confidence to be many things—a doctor, gymnast, teacher, vet, chef, rock star, swim champion, and president.  Barbie and Girl Scouts are teaming together to share the message that every girl, like Barbie, can be anything she wants! 

Join the love that Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies have for Barbie with their curiosity about all of the things they can do.  Earn the I Can Be… patch with online games, a printable activity guide, and a paper doll Barbie with a great selection of outfits related to career options.

Find out more information here.


Girls’ Tennis—USTA Kids’ Clubs

Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas and USTA have partnered together to offer a Girls’ Tennis program for Girl Scouts!  The program is primarily for Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors, and teaches teamwork, agility, healthy choices, and good sportsmanship while having a swinging good time learning tennis! 

Training for the Girls’ Team volunteers is free and provided by USTA trainers.  A tennis reference and a Girl Scout Tennis Series curriculum are provided to all trained tennis volunteers.  To find out if there is a Girls’ Tennis team registered in your area, contact your nearest service center (see page 3) or the Program Executive at your local Girl Scout office.

If you are interested in volunteering or starting a Girls’ Tennis team in your Service Unit or Community, call 800-929-5229.


Tau Gamma Sigma

Tau Gamma Sigma (TGS) is a girl-led program for middle and high school girls that lets girls decide what topics they want to address.  TGS is a leadership development program that gives girls tools to make wise decisions when facing challenging issues in their lives.  From fashion to dating violence, the issues that are important to girls are up for discussion, and girls develop skills to make good decisions for themselves. 

If you’re interested in getting more information about BFF, contact us at


Girl Scout Penpal Network

Connect with other Girl Scouts across the country by becoming Pen pals with another troop!  Connections are made by Girl Scout staff members to verify membership of troops who are selected to be penpals.  Choose your preference of state, and we’ll find new long-distance friends to last a lifetime!

Get information and helpful tips about becoming penpals by clicking here.

Fill out the Penpal request form here to make your match!


FIRST Robotics

Last year, Team Wall-E, a group of Girl Scouts from Troop 54, competed in a FIRST Robotics qualifying competition in Austin, Texas.  The girls designed, built, programmed, and controlled their robot in a competition against other teams’ robots.  Interested in forming a Robotics team with girls from your troop or community?  Contact GSGST to find out whether scholarship funds or available, or how you can start preparing to form a robotics team.  Call 800-929-5229 or email