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For Cookie Volunteers

Thank you for supporting the Cookie Program. Your encouragement, coaching, and guidance are key ingredients for a successful experience for girls and volunteers. We truly appreciate all you do to help girls during Cookie Season and throughout the year!

2019  Online Cookie Training

2019 Cookie Training Quiz

2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program Sale Dates
Week of January 7 –  February 24


November 30th: All Troops must be established to be eligible to participate in the 2019 Cookie Program.

December 1st-December 10th: Initial Orders due in Smart Cookies-order by case/by variety (12 pkgs/case).

Cookie T-Shirt order due

Week of January 7th: Cookie Sale Begins!

January 7th - January 12th: Cookie Delivery Week

January 12th: Independent Booth Sales can begin

January 12th: Cookie Cupboard opens at all Girl Scout Service Centers and will remain open until Friday, February 22, 2019.

GSGST Cookie Cupboard Hours:

Monday-Friday 9 am-6pm

Saturday 9am-Noon (only first 4 Saturday's of the sale-Jan. 12th, Jan. 19th, Jan. 26th & Feb. 2nd)

Council Booth Sale Rounds

January 22nd: Early Round-Only for troops that participated in the Fall Product Program.

January 24th: 1st Round

January 29th: 2nd Round

January 31st: 3rd Round

February 2nd: Final Round

January 25th: Payment for Cookie T-shirt is due to council, payment will be done via ACH draft.

February 2nd: Council Booth Sales Begin, council booth sales will end on February 24th.

February 6th: 1st ACH payment

February 22nd- February 24th National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend

February 24th: Last Day of Cookie Sale

March 4th: Cookie Collection Due

April 6th: Annual Meeting and Recognition Banquet- 800+ Club Seller are invited and recognized. Registration for Annual Meeting is required.

End of April: Cookie recognitions are delivered to Service Unit Cookie Managers, sort and distribute to troops immediately.