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Staff Directory

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Troop Support
Denise Thakkar Director of Troop Support 1-800-477-2688


Terry Blevins Troop Engagement Specialist 1-800-477-2688


Melissa Palacios Troop Engagement Specialist 1-800-477-2688


Cristi Rodriguez Troop Engagement Specialist 1-800-477-2688


Amanda Guerra Troop Engagement Specialist 1-800-477-2688
Girl Scout Shop
Veronica Rios Retail Associate - Corpus Christi  1-800-477-2688


Amanda Reyes Retail Associate - McAllen 1-800-477-2688
Program Department


Melanie Holland Manager of Program Services 1-800-477-2688
Product Program Department
Claudia Menchaca Senior Director of Product Program & Retail 1-800-477-2688


Alicia Luevano Manager of Product Program 1-800-477-2688
Recruitment Department
Veronica Luera       Director of Recruitment   1-800-477-2688


Araceli Barron     Girl Program Specialist 1-800-477-2688


Marley Crusch      Recruitment Specialist 1-800-477-2688  
Outreach Program
Frances Cervantes Outreach Specialist 1-800-477-2688


Jessica Ayala Outreach Specialist 1-800-477-2688
Data Management
Michelle McCarty      Director of Customer Care     1-800-477-2688


Elida Roman       Data Manager 1-800-477-2688


Fund Development Department
Veronica Garcia        Chief Development Officer 1-800-477-2688


Eric Morales Director of Fund Development/Corpus Christi Service Area Director 1-800-477-2688
Marketing and Communications Department
Bianca Gandaria Director of Marketing and Communications 1-800-477-2688


Ofelia Alvarez Director of Properties and Purchasing 1-800-477-2688


Juan Ruiz Camp Ranger-Bayview 1-800-477-2688
Mission Delivery
Kaycee Liendo Manager of Mission Delivery 1-800-477-2688


Support Team
Allie Zamora     Special Projects Coordinator                             1-800-477-2688


Michelle Martinez                            Special Projects Coordinator           1-800-477-2688
Executive Administration


Lydia P. Aleman Chief Executive Officer 1-800-477-2688


Veronica Garcia Chief Development Officer 1-800-477-2688


Noe Hernandez Chief Financial Officer 1-800-477-2688


Caroline Ibarra Pena Chief Operating Officer 1-800-477-2688