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Recognition and Awards

Volunteers make Girl Scouting happen and showing appreciation for volunteers is a must. After all, our volunteers are ah-mazing! They do it all for the girls and often work extra hours on top of busy schedules and hectic lives. We love them for it and, well, Girl Scouting wouldn’t be the same without them. Let’s be sure to shout it from the Girl Scout rooftops!


Informal Recognitions

Everyday little things go a long way. A card from the girls, handmade gifts, photo keepsakes – these are special ways for girls to say thank you and often times mean the most. Recognitions might be made on Girl Scout holidays, at service unit meetings, at troop meetings, at a special recognition events, immediately following services rendered, etc. When the recipient is recognized, it will make the expression of gratitude memorable.


Formal Recognitions

You have a chance to nominate a volunteer who has made an amazing difference in your life for an adult recognition! Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas annual volunteer recognition is an opportunity for girls, parents, and service units to recognize special volunteers in your community! Any girl, troop, parent, or volunteer can submit a nomination. Volunteer Awards will be presented during the Recognition Banquet at Annual Meeting. Check out the GSGST recognition packet to determine the best fit for your special person, and then submit your nomination. It’s easy- just follow the instructions. 

GSGST Lifetime Achievement Award (NEW)

As the highest volunteer award available at Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas, this honor goes to volunteers who have lived the Girl Scout mission and embodied the principles of our founder, Juliette Gordon Low. 

Recipients of this honor have contributed in a significant and unique way to Girl Scout within the council, left a continued impact on girls and adults, and exemplified the Girl Scout Promise and Law. 

GSGST Lifetime Achievement Nomination Form


GSGST Outstanding Service Unit Award (NEW)

The Outstanding Service Unit Award honors Service Unit teams that go above and beyond for Girl Scouting in their demographic area. 

GSGST Outstanding Service Unit Nomination Form



For Girls and Parents

Any girl or parent can submit a nomination. To recognize a troop leader or co-leader, or any volunteer who works directly with girls, please select the Volunteer of Excellence. For a volunteer who helps with your service unit or with multiple troops, the Appreciation Pin (service in one geographic area) or the Honor Pin (service in two or more geographic areas) may be the best choice. Be sure to provide details and specific examples on your nomination form, so that the recognitions committee can understand how special this volunteer is to you!


Ready to Nominate?

Nominations for Years of Membership, Years of Service, and GSUSA Awards are due on or before October 1, 2022. 


Girl Scout Leader Day

April 22 is official Girl Scout Leader day and honors all the volunteers who work as leaders and mentors in partnership with girls. Girls, their families, and communities should find a special way to thank their adult Girl Scout volunteers.  Appreciation can be shown on this special day and all through the year.