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Service Units

What is a Service Unit? 

A Girl Scout service unit is a community of volunteers and girls in a geographic area. The service unit (SU) team is an essential support system that organizes training, mentorship, girl program, as well as membership support for volunteers, girls and caregivers. 

Service Units generally hold monthly meetings where they share information about upcoming events and new information from GSGST & GSUSA with representatives from each troop.

Why are Service Unit meetings important? 

  • Find out about upcoming events and activities
  • Learn from leaders who have “been there and done that” 
  • Connect with other troops that can assist you with your troop
  • Get suggestions about best practices
  • Hear first-hand about GSGST & GSUSA specific information
  • Get important training
  • Make new friends

Service Unit Requirements

  • Minimum of 5 troops (each with different leadership)
  • 5 essential SU positions filled by volunteers from different troops (to include Service Unit Manager, Treasurer, and Product Program Manager)
  • Minimum of 60 girl members 

Service Unit areas are established by Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas. 

Contact us at to find your service unit and get in touch.

Service Unit Manager

The service unit manager works with the service unit team and troop leaders to create a healthy and sustainable service unit community. 

Some service units also function as a "co-op" with two co-managers who oversee the direction of the service unit with a shared agreement of responsibility. 

Service Unit Treasurer

The service unit treasurer is responsible for oversight of bank accounts and monthly financial reporting of all service unit activities. 

Service Unit Event Coordinator

The service unit event coordinator advises the service unit team and troops in safety and risk management for su and troop activities.

The service event coordinator oversees the planning and implementation of event offerings that provide high-quality activities for girls. 

Service Unit Fall Product Manager
Service Unit Cookie Manager
Recognitions Chair

The recognitions chair leads adult and girl appreciation efforts for the service unit. The recognitions chair also servces on the GSGST recognitions commitee. 

For more information on adult recognition, please visit our Awards and Recognitions page. 

Service Unit Lead Membership Recruiter

The service unit lead membership recruiter collaborates with local service center recruitment specialists to develop a year-round recrutiment plan. 

Additional Service Unit Volunteers

Troop Mentors (ELFS): These leaders with more than three years of experience support new leaders. 

Host/greeter: This volunteer welcomes attendees at service unit meetings and introduces new volunteers.

Juliette Coordinator: Ensures Juliettes (IRG’s) have information on upcoming SU events & activities.

Guide/guía: Acting as a guide for Spanish speaking leaders at service unit meetings, also helps with translation as needed.