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GSGST provides adult & girl training courses conducted by skilled and enthusiastic volunteer facilitators and GSGST staff throughout the year. Volunteers are encouraged to take advantage of as many courses as they can to provide the best growth experiences possible for girls.

GSLearn is now live. To access it, click on “MYGS” at the top of our webpage and supply your login credentials. Once you’ve logged in, select “My Account”, you can click on “gsLearn” along the left-hand navigation bar. If you have any questions contact us at

New Leader Basics Training

In order to build our girls into great leaders, we have to start with ourselves! Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas offers virtual and in-person training to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver fun, safe, and meaningful Girl Scout experiences to the girls in your troop.

Sign up to a training today and make a difference tomorrow! 

New troop leaders are required to complete the New Leader Basics training prior to meeting with the troop.

Training Handouts

First Aid/CPR

CPR/AED and First Aid: A first-aider is an adult volunteer who has taken Girl Scout-approved first-aid and CPR training that includes specific instructions for child CPR. All troop meeting and troop activities must have at least one adult volunteer in attendance that is first-aid/CPR-certified. 

The following health care providers may serve as Girl Scout First-Aiders if they hold current CPR certification: physician, physician's assistant, dentist, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, paramedic, military medic, or emergency medical technician.  Note: First Aid/CPR classes completed entirely online do not satisfy Girl Scout requirements for certification and do not offer enough opportunity to practice and receive feedback on technique.


Enrichment Workshops

Looking to learn more about an aspect of Girl Scouting? Let’s do it! Our Enrichment Workshops held at our Volunteer Conferences and offer workshops on badges, songs, crafts, ceremonies and bridging, games and more. See when Volunteer Conferences are scheduled

Outdoor Skills

Coming Soon!

Volunteer Toolkit Tutorials

Caregiver Dashboard

Service Units


Please read and view Volunteer Essentials  which is a resource for volunteers serving girls. This document offers information about the Girl Scout movement and traditions, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and Journeys, healthy development in girls, how to keep girls safe, taking trips and hosting events, and how to help girls manage group finances, including details on Girl Scout Cookie sale. 

If you are unable to find the training that you need in your area on the GSGST Event Calendar, please use the Training on Demand form to request training. Once your request is submitted we will work with your Service Unit and Council Trainers to schedule the requested training.