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Fall Product Program

Girls will begin selling delicious nuts, candies, and magazine subscriptions starting  October 1, 2020 through November 30th. This friends and family sale helps troops earn  proceeds early in the year to fund exciting adventures that will take place throughout the year. Additionally, the sale introduces key financial literacy skills such as goal setting, decision making, money management, and communication, that they will use throughout their lives. Thank you for your support of the girls, troops, and council by purchasing or participating in the Fall Product Sale!

We are excited to announce new nut and candy item, STEM kits, audiobooks, and the magazines that you are familiar with.


2020 Fall Product Program Important Dates

  • October 1 - Fall Product Program Begins
  • October 29 - In person orders for Fall Product Program ends
  • October 30 - Final In-Person Fall Product Order due by council  | Troop Fall Product order due into M2 
  • November 18-20 - Fall Product Delivery to Service Units 
  • November 30 - Online orders for Fall Product Program end
  • December 7 - Fall Product Collection Forms due 
  • December 9 - Fall Product Program ACH Payment due 

Fall Product Forms and Resources

Whether you are a seasoned troop already planning wow-worthy activities or a new troop starting your first product sale, it's super easy! Here you will find great resources to help your troop have a successful sale.

Fall Product Manager Training

2020 Fall Product Online Training:

Thank you for viewing the Fall Sale Training Video. Please complete the   Fall Product Knowledge Check. 


Additional Resources


Thanks for your support and participation in the Fall Product Sale Program!